Our Work


1st edition in Brussels with the Opéra de Quartier de Molenbeek.
2nd edition at the Cité Miroir in Liege with young people from 12 to 18 years old.
3rd edition at the Palace of Ath with a citizen ensemble from Hainaut.
>>Participate in the Percussive Orchestra of Tournai<<
>>Participate in the Choir of Voices and Movement in Ath<<
4th edition in Brussels with Art India Belgium.
(more info coming soon).


A dancer, 3 musicians, an extended cast. A visceral solo, ancestral choral songs. The memory of the intimate body is confronted with the collective memory in an attempt to retrace a pilgrimage combining primitive and technology.

So many antipodes that form a participatory community project in everything from creation to performances. From the Neighbourhood Opera of Molenbeek to asylum seekers in Tournai, from Indian women in London to the transgenerational women’s group in Israel, the expanded cast hidden in the audience vocalizes its message of belonging to the world. The intimate body and the collective retrace a pilgrimage carried by a refined scenography and electro-acoustic music.


Each performance is the result of a collaboration with a group of participants from the local community visited. These participants feed the piece that continues to transform with them. The group first takes part in a creative process aimed at transforming certain sections of the existing show. Throughout several workshops (adaptable with the hosting structure), we explore the themes of the piece through several media: song, movement, writing. Then, the participants have the opportunity to perform in the show by becoming an extended cast. They are thus led to discover all the stages of the creation of a show and to integrate their own identity and culture into it.

The process is replicated with participants from all over the world, infusing and adapting the performance over several years with new ethnicities, new individuals, new cultures, endlessly enriching the piece with a great diversity of cultures and sensibilities.


Involve minorities

The inclusion of these groups aims at giving a voice to people who belong to minorities and to highlight cultures that are less heard or stigmatized.

Connecting cultures

The aim is to repeat the process in as many cities as possible and link the different groups together through videoconferencing exchanges. An online platform will also connect all the participants from all the communities involved. They will have the opportunity to interact with each other across the world and follow the progress of the work.

This international dialogue around the creative project will give rise to a poetic-documentary literary edition retracing the process and publishing the material generated by the participants.

Photos par Lorenzo Chiandotto.